Grexit or no, Greece’s charities prepare for the worst



Two years ago, a man named Mr. Panayotis left his home in the Greek provinces in shame. No longer able to support himself or his family due to the country’s deteriorating financial crisis, he set off to make things right.

His plan: Embark on a boat to the U.S. to work with his brother, a successful businessman. But his ambitious idea failed; he only made it as far as Athens, where he became homeless, and continues to rely entirely on the capital city’s charities and social services.

“He is very, very much afraid,” says Marie Halaka, who met this man through her work at PRAKSIS, an NGO that offers a variety of social and medical services to vulnerable populations in Greece. “One day he saw his daughter, who is a student at a Greek university … and it was a good thing his own daughter did not recognize him,” she says, explaining the strong cultural taboo for a man to be unemployed, unable to feed his family. Read more…

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