The Best In Energy Content Marketing

energy utility content marketingEditor’s Note: Much of our work in content marketing strategy consists of defining content marketing best practices. And then showcasing brands and sites that act as examples of great content marketing.

This help us demonstrate what best practice content marketing looks like in real life and helps our customers to really see what is possible.

Then we’re able to get into the discussion on how to implement a content marketing plan for their business.

One thing that really helps with that process is showcasing great content marketing examples in the exact industry you compete in. We also typically showcase examples outside the industry as well. But it always helps to see who the real competition is when it comes to the battle for customer attention.

The Best In Energy And Utilities Content Marketing

The energy industry has a perception problem:

  • 61% of us have negative feelings towards our energy supplier.
  • Energy companies are struggling to explain the complexity of their supply chains, and the raw demand they are facing.
  • Consumers are just looking for energy companies to be real, transparent, innovative and conscious of the environmental impact of our energy use.

So check out this Slideshare on Content Marketing in the Energy and Utilities Industry, by Liz Bedor.

It’s no secret that the general public and energy companies don’t always see eye to eye.

The political complexity and historical environmental disasters (think BP oil spill), rightfully so, sets energy companies up for a steep challenge to change their public perception.

Based on our findings, lack of perceived authenticity, transparency, innovation and environmental responsibility are the core issues the public finds with these companies.

The good news for energy companies looking to change these issues, is that content marketing can help.

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