Vice President Mike Pence Claiming ‘Well Over Half’ of Women’s March Participants Were Donald Trump Supporters Is Fake News



Vice President Mike Pence claiming that “well over half” of Women’s March participants were supporters of President Donald Trump is false. Pence never stated that many protesters were Trump supports; this claim originated on a fake Pence profile.

In the post, Pence wrote about the photo showing “what democracy looks like,” a suspiciously similar line to what he said after the “Hamilton” controversy last year. The post purported:

Our Administration is proud to stand with American women and of our supporters’ significant role in this cause. Despite the misleading Liberal Media’s claims, we clearly saw that well over half of the participants in yesterday’s march were Trump supporters. We do respect the right of the minority of participants to dissent peacefully – this is ehat democracy looks like.”

As Snopes reports, this was not true. Several outlets, however, did pick up the fake claim as though it were real and built stories around it. According to Snopes, one such New York Daily News story has since been deleted. The page, as Snopes indicates, shared many politically-aggressive posts that made it all the more likely the profile was fake.


The fake page has since been deleted, though there are plenty of other unverified accounts out there. Pence currently has only two verified Facebook pages: his official page and the page he maintained throughout his time as governor of Indiana and through the election. He also has accounts on Twitter and Instagram.

It is estimated that as many as 4.6 million people attended Women’s March protests around the world and though it’s possible there were Trump supports in attendance, it is highly unlikely. The Women’s March was meant to support human rights around the world and “stand in solidarity against the misogyny, xenophobia and bigotry demonstrated by President Donald Trump.” Trump himself even tweeted after the march, sharing two vastly different sentiments about the day’s events.



This is not the first piece of fake news Pence has been at the center of in regards to the Women’s March. An article on The Onion, a notorious satirical website, purported that Pence had said he was “disappointed” in husbands and fathers who allowed the Women’s March to occur the day after the inauguration. Both claims are fake.

Social Media Reacts to Fake Mike Pence Claim






What are your thoughts on the fake story about Mike Pence? Were you in support of the Women’s March? Sound off in the comments section below!

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore, Flickr


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